Kessabtsiner Kessabi Hamar



     Welcome to all our dear natives, provincial residents and everyone who likes Kessab and respects its people. First, we want to thank you for your visit to this website and your interest in us.

     As everyone is well aware, there are thousands of websites available on the internet, and in any one of these sites a viewer can find at least one topic that addresses religious, moral, scientific, and philosophical subjects; as well as incorporating songs and music. However, this website is unique because of its myriad and interesting subjects, and because of its use of the subjects listed above to reveal how Kessab represents a small ARMENIA.

Our Mission

     This site will show that the town of Kessab should not be considered simply as a remote region deep in the Syrian mountains. In fact Kessab not only has native Armenian history and a beautiful geographical and strategic location for tourism, but also contains a rich culture that includes its own old dialect spoken by a deeply humble, patriotic and religious people.

     After reviewing the general information this website provides about Kessab, our hope is that you will be encouraged to find more. So we invite you to continue your discoveries about Kessab on your own.

     If you are a native (Kessabtsi) living abroad, let’s carry you to past memories. If, on the other hand, you’ve never even heard of Kessab, we are sure that you will like it very much and have the desire to visit it soon. So we offer you information down to the smallest detail and wish you an enjoyable tour through our website.

Here are some selections from the speech made by The Armenian Catholicos Karekin I about Kessab: [1]